Hi everyone!

Welcome on my blog where I will post news, results, and other things happening in my life from now on!

This Blog is about my attempt to reach one of my biggest dream: The Olympics!

(and some other things too..)

But let me present my self a little bit first.

My Name is Jolann and I am born in 1996, I am (as you can see) a swimmer and I swim under the colors of Schwimmclub Uster-Wallsiellen and Lambertseter Svømmeklubb !

I remember that time when i first got in touch with a swimming club in 2008, my coach back then said to my brother and I, that we first had to swim one year in a “passion” group to get enough technic skills to be able to withstand the training in a real competition group.

So after one year of drilling and fooling around (swimming only 3 times a week), I started to swim for real. First 4 then 5,6,7 and now 10 times a week (plus some strength training…), I am making my way through the international elite swimming, participating in the europeans juniors(2013/14), seniors(2016) and lately the 29th Summer Universiades in Taipei!! It was an amazing experience and made me even more focused and motivated to work on my next goal, the 2020 Olympics !!

I am originally from Lausanne (which is actually the Olympic Capital!) I have had some of my best years training in my former club, Lausanne Natation, but after being done with highschool I wanted to test professional swimming and so I went for two years (2014-16) to Tenero to train with the Swiss Swimming Training Base under the coaching of Luka Gabrilo.

After this experience I needed something new so I went abroad and am now I’am living and swimming in Norway in the best club there, Lambertseter Svømmeklubb, coached by Joacim Lilleaasen!

Currently in the swiss national team I have been invited by the Norwegian Federation to take part in their national team as well as a “guest” to be able to put in some more training camp and competitions with high level standards. No need to tell that this year will be a hell of a hard work!!